Question: Reimbursement forms

Hi I am new to the Treasurer position of our PTO and i was wondering do you need to fill out a reimbursement form when cash is given? Let me explain our auditors bought lunch while they did the audit and then they brought in the reciept and took the money out of our petty cash box. Do we fill out a reimbursement form for this? Or do we just do those for checks written? We filled out a petty cash out form which we always do for any cash removed from petty cash, is that all we need? Thanks

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beaniewi writes:
Petty cash forms should only be used when needing start up cash for a school event. If there is a receipt therefore a reimbursement form should be filled out and the receipt stapled to it. This is what our school does.

Community Advice

katina writes:
Well we have a petty cash fund so when or if we need to purchase something we have some cash available, so we fill out petty cash out forms and then staple receipt to form. But that is when we take money and buy something and then return change and receipt. This time they paid for it then took the cash out so i think the cash out form is fine? I think? maybe i will do both.

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