Question: Designated Funds in PTO Account

I have just taken over the job of PTO Treasurer. Our PTO account has money raised by the PTO, and then also has some "designated funds". These designated funds include science grants, money for the art teacher, "fun funds", etc. The new principal recently approached me and asked if this money should be in the PTO account. I honestly don't know the answer to this, as this is how it has been done for several years at our school. Should this money be somewhere else, such as in school accounts? Or is it okay for the PTO to "hold" this money and give it out to these different groups when asked for it?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
If the money was raised by the PTO, it should be in the PTO account and paid out at appropriate times. For example, it looks like you have money earmarked for science grants. When do the teachers need those funds? At time, you'd give the money to the school.


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