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A Parent decided that she wanted her friend to be our Financial Secretary, which we have never had that position. I am and was the Treasurer last year, and I was expected to make all deposits, payments, reimbursements, now our new president wants to leave me out of the loop on information. She expects to have me write checks for non PTA events and when I point out to her that the request for reimbursemnet is not valid, she gets upest and demands I write the check. I am trying to keep us from wasting money. Our last meeting the Financial Secretary threatened to quit because she did not receive copies of the bills. Unfortunately I need to pay the bills. Any solutions on how to handle business transactions between the two job roles.

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Community Advice writes:
NO matter what your PTO should have by-laws, or some sort of documentation on how your postion should be conducted properly. If not talk to principle or school board. This is a VERY sticky situation-do not get yourself "behind the eight ball"!!!! MAKE SURE YOUR I's ARE DOTTED AND T's CROSSED ; your president may just not be aware of proceedures.

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Craig writes:
I agree with patricia311 (below) that your best defense is your group's bylaws. They should contain a job description for the treasurer's job. They should also state which positions are considered board positions. The situation you describe sounds unworkable. It's possible to divide the treasurer's job between a treasurer and an assistant, but even that takes a lot of communication and coordination. No matter what, don't relinquish the checkbook, and don't be bullied into writing checks. If your group isn't operating from a budget, your board should create one. It makes it a lot easier to do business, including writing reimbursement checks.

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