Question: VP resigning when Pres is outgoing

HELP! Our new VP is resigning at the end of her first year, she was to move up to President who is in her last year as well. We have nothing in the bylaws for this situation! Do we just run a special election for the Presidency? We wouldve run an election for VP regardless but Im the outgoing President and have already served longer than normal (bylaws for terms were rewritten when I was in my first year as VP). Our options arent real good as far as our volunteer base and its scary to think someone brand new will be in both positions!! Can the board "place" someone in the Pres position that they chose?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You need to hold an election, but it makes sense for the board to target someone and get her ready now to take over the job. Talk to the likely candidates -- your secretary, treasurer, and committee chairs to determine who is interested. Once you target your candidate, try to get buy-in from the other officers, and make it generally known that because of the situation you are grooming her to take over. Chances are she'll be unopposed if it's clear to your members why she is being chosen. Make sure you have a procedures book prepared as a reference for the new president. It's also important that you sit down with her more than once and go over the information she'll need. Then be available as a mentor and consultant, but don't butt in and try to run things. (This can be harder than you might think for a retiring president, especially when the new person is inexperienced.)

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