Question: No By-Laws?

I have issues with how elections were held at my school. I asked the President for a copy of our PTO's bylaws. She stated she has been on the board for 5-years and has never seen them. She will do some looking to see if she can locate them in a box of old stuff. I am still very new to my involvement with the PTO, at this point just a parent volunteer. Should I be really concerned at this point?

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badpants writes:
Concerned maybe, but not alarmed at this point. While many groups are run like they are part of the Fortune 500, most are just run the best they can be, with limited tools and by people who are doing what they can. It's entirely possible she's never seen the by-law's. I think what happens next, they've been located, not located or worse case scenario, purposely withheld will determine the level of concern. In the meantime, take this opportunity to jot down specific questions you have regarding the elections. You can ask them at the next meeting. It's possible that you are not the only one who would like some clarity.

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newmom writes:
Yes, I would be concerned. Put your request in writing or bring it up at a meeting. Maybe form a by-laws committee to create them if they cannot find them.

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