Question: School's roof is damaged

Our schools roof is damaged and there's no funds to repair it. What can the PTO do to help or should we even try? We have thought about different fundraisers but we honestly do not know if this is even our place to worry about or to offer our help. Does anyone know of anything that might help?

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hisgirl81 writes:
We are in the same situation. Our principal has left emails to the district requesting the fix. 2 months down the line and there is still no response. So the board members have been calling the district office demanding repaairs, and we are now gathering our parents together and heading to a monthly district meetings. The city and state needs to help fix our schools, and lucky for me we have a very stubborn parent group who is not afraid to get dirty!

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firefighter464 writes:
In this economy people have more skills than $. esp construction workers who may be out of work. If I were you, I'd connect socially and ask around to see who may work in construction to do the repairs. Labor is a big part of a repair. If they will do it for free, that probably puts you 2/3 towards affording it. Then get them to make the estimate on materials and base your fundraiser on that. Do your sports need concessions? Can you do a fix-the-roof bake sale at every game? Better to have families donate baked good than buy/resell on your own. No cash needed up front, everyone is helping by adding the costly labor. I really don't think it needs to be couched in PTO. Just do ti because it needs done. Most folks probably aren't worrying about a tax write off for donating their time and energy or buying a cookie.

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