Question: Who delegates??

From my experience, when committees are "signed up" for, the people on the committee itself decide who is going to be chair and co-chair. Am I correct or incorrect? We have a new president who says "she delegated" her chair & co chair of a committee that I was actually signed up for first! Needless to say I am not the chair or co-chair

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I don't know that there's a standard practice. The president (or board as a whole) has the right to appoint committee chairs. You're right, though, that the person chosen is often the first person who expresses an interest in serving as the chair. Sometimes that's not the best policy, though. For instance, if you have a major auction, you want someone with real experience to chair the auction committee so it would make sense for the president to recruit the right person. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure next time when you volunteer that the president knows you are volunteering to chair a committee, not simply to work on it. You might express privately to the president in advance that you're interested in chairing a (specific, if that's the case) committee.

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