Question: Family Fun Themed Gift Basket

I am putting together a "Family Fun" themed gift basket to raffle off at a trade show for our school. I would love some creative ideas beyond the board games, puzzles and popcorn. I am sending home a request to the parents and I'd like to give some creative examples. Thoughts?

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Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
You could ask families to donate services or recreational equipment. For example, I once bid and won a whole day’s use of a family’s kayak: the mom also prepared a homemade barbeque chicken picnic lunch to go with it. Families could also donate zoo, movie, museum passes, or even mini golf or batting cages gift certificates. You may even want to ask a local country club/facility to donate a family day pass. Also, if there’s a chef among your volunteer ranks at school, perhaps you could ask him/her to donate an at-home cooking lesson where the winning family helps with the recipe? Or maybe it's just a drop off dinner/dessert? And another donation idea: a certificate for an at-home massage for mom and dad to be scheduled after the kids go to bed! ; p

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