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Hi. Has anybody held any activities that included just mothers and sons that was NOT a mother/son Dance? Thanks!

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brig2477 writes:
At my kids school we have done spaghetti supper and BINGO one year and bowling the last two. I am unaware of previous years. My parents actually want a mother son dance!

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Sweetpea writes:
Hi. FYI. The reason we did away with the mother/son dance is that each year it would get progressively worse in being able to handle the boys that are unattended (as the moms gathered in circle and talked). The boys would run around, steal the helium balloons and suck out the helium, run into the women and men's bathrooms and scream and should and leave the place in shambles. The younger boys (K-2nd) were not too bad. The older ones our PTO board had to monitor and we said "no more" as it was exhausting. We put out the board we could use more volunteers (fathers, too) and no one wanted to volunteer (btw, our PTO does not get paid). We would have snack food, but the moms would bring the boys hungry and they would eat everything in one hour...unfair to those few who really wanted to be there. FYI: Last year we had discounted tickets to a ballgame that had a lot of other interesting things to do beside watch the game.

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