Question: School District Involvement

Our district does not allow for PTO's/PTA's to have their own bank account. All finances are done through the district's system. Is the district allowed to enforce this or is it something the PTO can decide for themselves?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It depends on what you mean by "allowed." If your PTO is an independent organization, the district can't stop you from opening your own bank account. You certainly have that right, and you undoubtedly will operate more efficiently if you do. However, the school district does have ways to force you to comply with their wishes. For one thing, they can prevent the PTO from fundraising through the school if the money isn't deposited in the school account. You'll still be able to fundraise -- you just won't be able to use the school as a base of operations or send home information in kids' backpacks. I think you should fight the rule, or at least work toward ways to make it easier to live with. But ignoring it altogether might come with a cost.

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