Question: Presidents complete disregard for bylaws

What do you do when your PTO isn't following the bylaws, IE: spending money over 100$ without a parent vote? AND, your PTO president says if anyone questions her about it she can "BS her way out of anything" right in front of the principal? They've changed more than 80% of our annual budget without a parent vote..... they presented it as a "format" change so I made a motion to approve a "format" change on the treasurer's report and they said in the minutes that I approved a whole new budget..... HELP!!!

Asked by katshow



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi katshow: You are within your rights to take a copy of the bylaws with you to the next meeting and refer to the language in the bylaws to address your concerns about these issues, including the spending issues as well as the budget changes. For example, if it expressly states in the bylaws that spending of over $100 requires a parent vote, then identify the expenditure that is more than $100 and ask for an explanation. In regards to the overall budget, certainly the board owes its members an explanation of the "format'' change. Further, you can state for the record at this meeting -- and request that it go into the meeting minutes -- that you did not approve a whole new budget as was stated in the previous meeting minutes. Question: Where you present at this previous meeting?

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