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At our scool PTO we have both the president and vice president who no longer have their children attending the school can they still be elected even though the don't have children attending the school in which they are PTO memebers of? Please advise

Asked by angie15



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It depends on your bylaws. They might state that membership is open to anyone with a child in the school. Or they might simply say that paying dues makes you a member. It's also possible that they list qualifications for becoming an officer (ie must have a child in the school), but that's less common. In general, I'm in favor of accepting help from anyone who is willing to give it. However, if there is a parent of a student willing to take on the role, I think it makes sense for the current president (or other officer) to step aside at the next election and let that parent take over.

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