Question: Criminal record and membership

It states in our By-Laws that no one with a "criminal record " shall serve as officer , chair, or co-chair positions. Elections are coming up and I wanted to run for V.P., but I have 2 diffenent traffic tickets from last year. I sked President if that meant I couldn't run and she said she didn't know, or even where the statement came from. Is this even legal~ My tickets are done and paid off, but the statement seems general. I can understand back ground clearances~ not a problem, but I never heard of such an unclear and not sure legal statement in all the organizations I ever volunteered for. What's your thoughts??????????

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
We'd be in sorry shape if we had to eliminate everyone who ever got a speeding ticket from consideration for a leadership job! Traffic tickets aren't considered criminal offenses, which is why no one gets arrested for them. So rest easy, that language doesn't prevent you from holding an office. And since you asked, I disagree with banning anyone who has a "criminal record" from holding a leadership position. Lots of people have made mistakes and paid their dues. Would for instance, someone who was convicted of a minor offense, say public intoxication, at age 19 be an unfit PTO president at age 38?

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