Question: Principal signing pto checks???

Please help! We have not had a president of pto for two years because our principal will not choose anyone. She is signing the checks herself and nobody knows how much money there is or where it is going. If anyone asks how much money there is, she gets angry. Are there ANY rules/help for us?

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CMay2CK writes:
I'm not clear on the differences between rules and regs for PTA's vs PTO's but our Principal has nothing to do with our PTA accounts. I'm not even sure she is a signer on the account. Last time I looked, parent volunteers are supposed to be handling all money. And quite frankly, she has no right to not divulge where the funds are going. Shouldn't a vote have to take place before money can be spent? If it were me, I would stop making deposits into the account and maybe even open another account. Your bylaws should have a section that lays out all of the rules to follow regarding funds. If it doesn't, it should. Sorry I'm not any help. I'm really just voicing my opinion.

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AnonParent writes:
Here's the problem. SHE IS the Pto. We don't even have members or meetings! We have LOTS of fundraisers and thousands of dollars, but she is in control of the checkbook. We have had many parent volunteers, but she will not let anyone do anything! I know our superintendent will not listen to anything because I think he is scared of her. She makes the deposits into the account!

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Craig writes:
Based on your description, there's a lot to be concerned about. When people get angry and secretive about money, it usually means there's funny business going on. First of all, you need to hold elections. The president isn't appointed by the principal -- she's elected by the members. (Use your bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order for support.) You should elect at least a president and a treasurer. Money should be funneled through the treasurer, and you should have someone who is not a signer on the bank account review the statements every month. If you can't get cooperation from the principal, open a new account. You also need an audit of your existing account. If anyone besides the principal is a signer on the account, have that person ask the bank for duplicate statements. If none of this helps, talk to the superintendent again and demand that the account be audited. Explain your concern about theft of money. One more thing -- there's strength in numbers. If you can't get your point across, gather together a group of parents who feel the same way and make it again, only louder. Good luck...I hope situation isn't as bad as it sounds.

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AnonParent writes:
There haven't been any members for two years because there is nothing to be a member of. I am writing as an employee of the school. Parents have volunteered, but that's where it ends.

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timedue023 writes:
omg ! don't let this person get away with this! It needs to be reported to the school district right away! This is a conflict of interest and illegal !

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