Question: Implementing new rules

Our booster club seems to have found itself in the middle of a situation where, a parent complains about a particular situation to the school sponsor of our organization, and the sponsor announces a new rule based on that complaint. Should new rules be put before the entire booster club and voted on? We have new rules put upon us weekly that are driven by parents personal complaints. Is there a specific procedure for making motions for new rules, or do we just keep making rules flying by the seat of our pants? Thank you.

Asked by JArion



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Yes, bad situation. I'd say step one is to talk with the sponsor about being overreactive. I'm guessing he may not comprehend how the rules actually affect how you operate. You need to show him the difficulties they cause and the resulting consequences for the school (which may include reduced involvement by frustrated parents). As for your larger question, best case scenario is you have officers and bylaws. New rules are proposed and approved by members of the group. Of course, the school can always make rules that affect how you interact with the school, but these should be based on administrative concerns (an example of this type of concern might be that teachers are spending too much class time on group fundraisers).

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