Question: Previouslly reviewed By-Laws

I have been unable to find written documentation of changes that were made to our PTO By-Laws. I have record of 3 changes but when I review our original By-laws to the revised By-Laws there is a difference is what is documented in our bylaws. How do we handle changes to the By-Laws that are undocumented?

Asked by PJamerson



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Pjamerson,
Do you know when the changes might have been made? If you have a general idea, check through the meeting minutes. There would have likely been a vote taken on these changes (including discussion).

Or, you may be saying there's not evidence of a vote? You may want to for the sake of have an accurate reflection of the group's wishes, put forth these issues for discussion and a vote at an upcoming meeting.


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