Question: Controlling Treasurer

Our Treasurer refuses to hand the checkbook over to our Pres. We have to do a committee appt. audit at the end of our year. The Pres. has asked to look at everything prior to this but the Treas. refuses to give the ckbk over til the new officers take over and only then to the new Treasurer she says!

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jeciwall28 writes:
RED FLAG. In most, if not all PTO's, there are TWO people who have access to all financial records. Usually this is the treasurer and president. In our PTO, both of them can sign checks, have access to bank statements, ect. It is not safe to have only one person in control of the money. I am my PTO's treasurer and I have an open checkbook policy. I have elected to not be the treasurer for next year and I asked for an audit before I hand over everything. This should be the norm for any PTO. I think it's time you guys have an emergency meeting to discuss the issue.

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