Question: Geographical Restriction clause

I was wondering if there was information about whether a PTO should insert a geographical restricition into their bylaws. We are looking at putting this in to not allow parents, teachers & or staff join our board unless they live in district. Is this discrimination? Are we violoting non custodial parential rights by doing this?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'm not 100 percent sure what you mean. I'm guessing that you have students attending the school from outside your district? Or is it that some divorced parents live in another town not located in the district? In either case, I can't see a good reason to try to prevent those parents from participating. To me, anyone who is willing to devote the time and energy to help the PTO should be welcome. Once you start singling out people and saying they are not welcome, you create an ugly precedent that could ultimately split your group. The same goes for teachers and staff. I can see having only parents as board members. But if you're going to allow teachers and staff on the board, what difference does it make where they live, as long as they do the work?

Community Advice

pdxamanda writes:
I agree with Craig, I don't see any good reason to prevent parents from participating. If a parent is willing to volunteer their time, energy, and talents to the PTO than let them. Remeber is it a PARENT TEACHER Organization so as long as they are a parent than let them help enrich the lives of their child, and your child.

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