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what is the exact duties of a pto president and a vice president? and bylaws are they something that needs to be in place once in place are the changed if new officers come into place or do they just care over year after year?? thanks im new to the whole pto trying to assist two schools elementary and middle schools

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The vice president's duty is to fulfill the president's duties (including presiding at meetings) when the president is not available. It's not unusual for the vice president to take on a significant committee role (chair of your fundraising committee, for example) or other duty (such as volunteer coordinator). The president presides at meetings, coordinates the work of officers and committees, represents the organization in public, etc. Your bylaws govern your organization no matter who is in charge. They don't change with new officers, but they should have a provision detailing how they can be amended. (Typically with prior notice to members and a two-thirds vote.) An organization's needs change as it grows, and you'll want to alter your bylaws occasionally as you grow and change. Please read the article How To Write PTO Bylaws. It includes links to helpful resources, including sample bylaws and job descriptions.

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horsestalktome writes:
I just used the online tools to write our PTO's bylaws in two days. Awesome tools are available through this site, and the sample bylaws have definitions of the roles. Download the samples-you'll be glad you did!

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