Question: Changing name of our group in the bylaws

We have an issue with the name of our Parent Club. We are listed as "XYZ Community Club" under our bylaws, which were created by a previous group of parents. We are listed as "XYZ Parent Club" under our tax ID number, which is the name we prefer. How do we go about changing our name to "XYZ Parent Club"? Can this be done without an attorney? Also, can bylaws be changed without an attorney?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You can simply vote to change your name in your bylaws. You don't need an attorney. Typically to update your bylaws you need to give your membership prior notice that you will be discussing that issue, and it needs to pass by a two-thirds vote. If your group is incorporated, you also need to change your name on your incorporation papers. Contact your state corporations office to find out how to do that. If your group is a 501c3 public charity, you need to attach an updated copy of your bylaws (and incorporation papers, if applicable) when you file your next form 990 with the IRS. If you're incorporated, include proof that the change has been registered with your state. If you're not incorporated, two officers must sign the copy of the bylaws. Here's a link to the IRS webpage that spells this out.

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