Question: Teachers as tutors

Has anyones PTO supported an afterschool tutoring program where one of the teachers was the tutor? Did you pay the teacher? If so, was there a conflict of interest? How did the program work logistically?

Asked by Kristen



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I don't think there's a conflict of interest, and it's typical to pay a teacher who does after school tutoring. But you should check with the principal before you hire the teacher. The reason is that you want to hire the teacher as a contractor. But it's possible -- due to the existing teacher contract, district policy, or state employment rules -- that the teacher will have to be paid as a regular employee by the school. That definitely complicates things, and you want to make sure you dot your i's before jumping in.

Community Advice

Tutor Doctor writes:
Try contacting your local Tutor Doctor. You might be able to get them to sponsor a Homework Club at no charge to you.

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