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Our PTO President recently approached me about setting up a debit card for her to use for planned budget expenses - staff appreciation dinners, and other such items. I would appreciate any feedback from the group on your experience with board members having their own debit cards.... does this make tracking funds more difficult, would you recommend against this, etc? Any experiences, positive or constructive, would be greatly appreciated.

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Parttimeparli writes:
There are entire states ( of PTAs) that don't allow the use of debit cards because they are so easily abused. It's the 'best' way to embezzle money from a 501c3! No oversight, no dual signature- just asking for trouble.

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badpants writes:
I can't see how a debit card is beneficial for planned expenses. Our group has a number of planned expenses durring the school year, most of which are not handled by the president at all. If it is a planned expense, then it should be easy enough to plan ahead to make getting payment to the vendors. If it's a large purchase, I would be surprized that your group didn't already have an account where an invoice would be sent directly to the treasurer.

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PTOmommy writes:
I have been PTO President for 3 years and have had a debit card the entire time. With good records and always keeping receipts; there shoudne be anything to worry about. I, honestly, dont see how you would function without one. Most of our products for large events are purchased online. We have extremely great records so we never worry.

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lesleyharrison writes:
If events are that well planned, then it shouldn't be too hard for the president to get checks from the treasurer to give directly to the vendor to pay for the event. This is what we do, as we are a pta and not allowed debit cards.

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