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I volunteered to be the PTO President since no one else wanted the position. First, the "school" is a franchise, early-learning center. I managed ALL aspects of a PTO (events, fundraisers, staff appreciation etc.) with 1 consistent volunteer. I managed all the financial responsibilities which included checks and debit card. I did my best to keep all receipts and file all the bank statements. Due to all the fundraisers and events, I ended up tossing the receipts and bank statements in a box not thinking I would need them again. Well, life changes and I had to resign from the position and now are being asked for all the PTO records. I do not have everything to prove all the debit purchases so I can't prove the ending balance. Can I be legally liable for not having all the documents? Can the Director file suit and take me to court? I had such a wonderful relationship with the Director, staff and families that I am shocked this is even happening. Again, this is a PTO not PTA and the school is NOT considered part of any school district. No, board etc. This is an early-learning "daycare" center. I thought I was doing a great service to the school. Do I have to be held responsible for all the records? Please advise.

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Craig writes:
How much is the discrepancy? I doubt you can be held liable for poor record keeping, but if there's a sizable amount of money unaccounted for, I don't blame the director for wanting to look at the situation more thoroughly. If you don't have receipts, can you at least make a list of what was purchased and the prices of these items (check the stores where they were purchased for prices)? If you can get closer to showing how the money was spent, that might go a long way toward alleviating everyone's concerns.

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