Question: PTO funds used to pay for field trips

Can the PTO use funds to pay for field trips that will only benefit a select few students? Is it ok to pay for a field trip to see a 3D movie for ONLY those students who scored proficient on the MCT2 test from the PREVIOUS year? It seems that would not benefit the school as a whole and be hurtful to those students and their parents who attended fundraisers and helped to raise the money that will be used to pay for the field trip even if their child is not allowed to go.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
To me, it's all about balance. You wouldn't want to spend a large portion of your budget to benefit just a handful of students. On the other hand, there are probably lots of things that you do that benefit groups of students and not the whole school -- teacher grants that benefit a single classroom, support for clubs or after-school programs in which only a portion of the students are enrolled, etc. The question then becomes whether this is a worthwhile use for your money, and whether the amount you will need to spend on it makes sense in terms of the overall budget.

Community Advice

Cindee writes:
Rule of thumb : when funding or sponsoring events/activitys it should alway be for the highest number of students possible. Having only a small selected few student to which will benefit, then funds it should be raised beforehand toward this small selected group. Rewarding (yes) is very encouraging all students to try harder/study longer and perhaps get rewarded For there achievement. This is upfront with no arguments to arise. I think NO way should any funds be spent like you say, seems very unfair after the fact . Sudden rewards are conflicting interests.

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