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Is anyone else having "challanges" with TerraCycle keeping your points right? I keep a eye out on our account because of outstanding shippments and started 2-3 monthes ago noticing 5X's points not be added on, and brigades not being credited or missing... Great program, but concerned with accuracy for the effort the kids put into it...

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Craig writes:
I haven't heard that issue mentioned before and I didn't see it in a quick search of the message boards. You might get more feedback if you post the question in the fundraising forum.

Community Advice writes:
I received a very professional call fromTerraCycle! They are working on the summer and 1st time shipment issue~ should be resolved in a couple of weeks. Please be patient and just keep an eye on your account. TerraCycle is one of they very few co. that upcycle and reward non-profit orgs. I didn't mean to hurt a good program was wondering about other orgs situation. Once again they are going to work the tweeks out~ and everthing will be fine... The cust. sevice I spoke to was understanding and asked me just to send a short eamil on which of our brigades that were effected....

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