Question: I need information about BINGO for books events

Do you have information about creating a BINGO for Books event?

Asked by Mary Neu



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Bingo for Books is a nice add-on to a Family Reading Night, or it can stand alone as its own event. The basic concept is simple -- you play bingo and the winner gets to select a book. The variation is in the bingo cards. Typically you would use words instead of numbers. The reason it fits so well with a reading event is you can read all or parts of a book to the group, then the card can include words from the book. If you don't go that route you might pick spelling words or vocabulary words for the age group. For older kids you can play synonyms (same meaning) or antonyms (opposite meaning) to mix things up. If possible, make sure everyone goes home with a book. You can do this event as a book swap -- ask people to bring a gently used book to put on the selection table. Be sure to supply some extras for people who forget or are unable to bring their own. That way everyone gets a "new' book and you keep expenses down.

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