Question: Social Media Code of Conduct

Our PTO wants to set up a Social Media Code of Conduct for our PTO board members and I have no idea where to start. Our main goal for this was motivated when a new board member wrote a negative comment about the school on the school's Facebook page and then after our PTO President privately contacted the new member about this, the new member proceeded to post a slew of curse words on her personal page. We want to prepare for this the proper way and ANY help I could get would be soooooo appreciated!

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BryantMontessoriPTO writes:
As a new PTO president, there is a small group of parents that 'snipe' on Facebook, make inaccurate statements and try to cause dissention. I have asked other board members not to engage in those confersations. I hope PTO writers will continue to find some useful answers - we have been looking for a solution. . . and have identified our own FB Page where we only post postive children focused comments. Looking for more good suggestions.

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