Question: Back to School Luncheon Ideas for Teachers

Each year the PTO does a luncheon for the staff the week before school starts. I'm new to this and am wondering what ideas you all have for luncheon menu ideas.

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westsideptopresident writes:
how about subway? we do subs from subway and get a variety of different ones - depending on your teacher-staff count....then get things they like to snack on like chips, soda, cookies...wither that or have some parents make certain things and have a potluck! Hope this helps in some way!

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blueeyes0101 writes:
you can always check with one of your pizza places that do hoagies. We do our staff appreciation from one of our pizza places and they give us a huge deal on hoagies and free oil and vinager. They even gave us a gift card to be raffled off.

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jlmardlin writes:
Thank you for the suggestions, we're looking to do this on a $0 budget, hoping to get parents to donate a dish. Some of the menu ideas we've had are a "salad bar" - 8 or 9 different salads; BBQ luncheon with pulled pork sandwiches; or a Mexican Fiesta. Our theme for the school year is Commotion in the Ocean - and we're not close enough to the coast to get inexpensive seafood. Other suggestions?

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hadensmom writes:
During Teacher Appreciation Week we had a luncheon for the teachers. We had an Italian theme and asked parents to make the food. They could choose from salads, appetizers, main dishes, desserts or drinks. I asked anyone that volunteered to bring something in. We had enough food for a week of lunches and the teachers loved it! It didn't cost us anything for food. For our teacher lunch to begin the year we have a family that owns a pizza business and they are donating all the pizza. The rest of us are bringing desserts and drinks. Good luck!

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