Question: How to sell merits of PTO to private school?

I am a parent of two children at a very small private school. Because of the way the school was initiated, it is run as a for profit operation and is owned by the head administrator of the school. There is no board governing the school. The owner makes all of the decisions. She appreciates one on one feedback from parents and seems responsive, but she does not seem at all intererested in overall parent satisfaction or the concept of a PTO. How can I sell her on the idea that a PTO could help the school be better? What could the PTO bring to the school? I was thinking a PTO could raise money for school trips, scholarships, special activities at the school, etc. Other ideas I could use to help persuade her? Thanks!

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badpants writes:
Maybe a PR angle would be helpful. Any private school needs to maintain/increase enrollment to remain viable. Having a parent group would make new families feel more connected with the school. Maybe the admin. feels that a parent group would somehow manage to gain control (unrealistic I know). If you could approach it as working together to further the learning experience, rather than some secret coup, it might go a long way toward achieving your goal. You could also get togehter with a few parents who have the same interest to put together a mission statement and map out some goals. Check aorund with other parent groups in your area to see what they do that could be inspirational for your school. My kids attend a small private school, but I had to really weigh out the pro's to make the tuition sacrifice. The deciding factor was in fact the parent group. I chose to be one of many in a smaller pond, rather than one of a few in large sea.

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