Question: Where to spend PTO dollars?

Should you try at all cost to keep PTO dollars in the community? Should you avoid using friends as vendors for goods and services for PTO if you are on the executive board?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Regarding keeping PTO dollars in the community, that's a decision your board as a whole and your membership should make. It can be helpful to use local businesses as vendors when possible—in that case they will be more likely to support you when asked. But if there are great differences in cost and service, you might want to choose a national company. Regarding using friends as vendors, you could make that argument, but I personally wouldn't go that far. Sometimes having friends as vendors creates a better deal for the group. The key is to evaluate each potential vendor in a balanced way. If the friend is the best person for the job, great. If not, choose someone else. If the board member is advocating too strongly for the friend, have the board member remove herself from the debate.

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