Question: Ordered from a bad company

I'm not sure what to do and need some advice. I ordered from a company called in Feb. They shipped half of our order and we still haven't received the rest. I have called and emailed with no answer or a generic apology and we will get back to you. I'm not sure what to do about this. Would our insurance cover this, is there a lawyer I should contact. I just need a little guidance. For a very small school this was a big purchase and we can't afford to take the loss. HELP!!! and DO NOT USE WWW.MYPOPCORNMACHINE.COM and spread the word, they are not a reliable company.

Asked by ethom011



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
What an awful place to be. Sorry this has happened. So, you can reach out to the Better Business Bureau or the State Attorney General's office in your area and seek assistance/information from them. You could check, if there is a lawyer you have worked with in the past, to see if it is possible for him or her to write a letter to this company requesting it ship the balance of the order. Sometimes this will work. Unfortunately, your insurance coverage will most likely not help in this situation, as policies typically cover losses of assets you have. Good luck in resolving this unfortunate situation.

Community Advice

SailAwayAK writes:
I agree, the insurance likely will not cover this. Dependent on what form of payment you used, you may be able to get a refund. If you used a credit card call them and submit for reimbursement. I believe this is one of the best reasons for a PTO, small or large, to use a credit card when ordering from anywhere.

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