Question: Fundraising recycling for cash

Has anyone out there had experience with Cartridges for Kids? There are several companies out there to choose & want to know if anyone has anything to say about working with this company. I think involving students in a recycling project would be a great teachable tool & fundraiser.

Asked by fkonieczko



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kingdono writes:
We use Funding Factory for cell phone and ink jet recycling. This has been used for a few years and I don't know why that company was picked. The only thing to really look at is the list of what they take it needs to be super broad and how you get it to them (cost). I personally think juice pouch or water bottle is a better idea for helping elementary school kids learn about recycling. This is something they have with them instead of just going home and asking mom.

Community Advice

SunshineJen writes:
We use Recycling Fundraiser. They accept everything and even pay (I think it's) 25 cents for very old cell phones. We got $15 for a very broken iPod. I highly recommend them. Cartridges for Kids tends to be picky about what they will pay for. We used to use them also, but have stopped now.

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