Question: Fundraising Nightmare

This is my first year as PTA President and it has been an eye-opener. There really was no smooth transition so I've been doing things according to what I've learned from training and forums like this one. The previous board left unfinished work to the new board and it has been challenging. Aside from that, I figured what is the harm in trying new fundraising strategies because what I'd noticed before was that we really didn't do a lot of fundraising. We've started a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser and so far we've made a total of three sales. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to raise the sales and reach our goal? This is also at a high school where involvement overall is low, and this is the first time anyone has done this fundraiser.

Asked by 2kmom



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi 2kmom,
First of all, congrats to you for stepping up as PTO president. You mentioned that this is the first time this type of fundraiser has been tried, so it's ok to keep expectations low and just do your best. One suggestion is to go a little heavy with promoting it. Post on Facebook, send out an email, and ask the school administration if you can promote it on the school website.

Good luck!
Community Manager

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clayboggess writes:
High school students are somewhat skeptical about fundraisers to begin with. These groups pose unique challenges, but also some opportunities as well. There are 3 things that may help you, depending on the type of group that you have. One, hopefully from the beginning you’ve been reinforcing the purpose for your fundraiser at your kickoff meeting. Where will the money be spent and how will it benefit them directly. Your group will be much more apt to participate if they believe in the cause.

Second, since you’re doing a brochure sale it’s important to use high school level prize programs. Unfortunately most companies focus more on the younger students in this area but there are a few that also target older groups. High school students are more apt to sell for higher quality incentives, like spirit wear with their school name, mascot and colors or even cash.

Finally, consider incorporating additional incentives into your fundraiser to make selling fun and more competitive. For more information, check out 3 Steps to High School Fundraising Success.

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