Question: Can non-Board members request being shown the monthly bank statement for the PTO account?

Can parents, non-board members, request to have the actual monthly bank statements made public at the Board meeting by the Treasurer if requested? This would be to verify the balance stated. I would expect the account numbers would be blacked out. There has been some inconsistency of the number presented in the account and what other Board members are stating. Looking for the easiest way to verify what is being said.

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Parttimeparli writes:
Your members can request to see ANY financial papers and you should allow it as long as it is done at a convenient time for the treasurer and the requester isn't abusing the good nature of the treasurer. Your membersip has the right to call for an audit if they want to- and if things aren't adding up, maybe they should.

Community Advice

serower1b128 writes:
I think that anyone who cares enough to attend and question the use of the funds shoudl be able to look at the records. They should only see it when it is convenient for the treasurer. At our meetings, a printed register report is handed out along with the agenda and other items. If they have questions, they can then ask during the treasurer's report. If there are further questions, get the bank statements and receipts out and let them look it over. This has happened once durin gmy time on the board and it was resolved fairly quickly after explanations were given.

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