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what documents do I need to give at the pto meeting-I am the treas. & currently give a treas. report. A parent is asking for itemized list of each month.

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Craig writes:
Typically you would give just the treasurer's report at the general meeting and, of course, be prepared to answer any specific questions that are raised. You would also create a performance-to-budget report (how much has been spent in each budget category vs how much was budgeted) on a regular basis for the executive board. You might also, if requested, create an itemized list for the executive board. It's not a standard practice to deliver that at a general meeting, though. In general, I think transparency is good when it comes to parent group finances. But I can also see the potential for an itemized list to drag your meetings to a screeching halt as your officers are peppered with questions like "Why did you spend $3 for paper napkins when you could have gotten them at the dollar mart for $1?" So use your judgment on the cost/benefit of preparing an itemized list. You know how much time it would take you, and the treasurer's job is fairly demanding as it is. You also probably have a sense of how this one parent would use it if she had it.

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SleepyStephanie writes:
Thank you! This just confirms by gut feeling!

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