Question: Funding Field Trips -- all or some?

Do you fund all or a portion of field trips during the school year?

Asked by Cindy Rowe



Community Advice

CPerry writes:
Our school district does not have a private bus fleet, so every field trip immediately requires a bus rental of about $800. Quite a bit of our funds go to field trips. We actively seek grant money all the time for field trips and a large portion of our budget is for that. This is our first official year and in some ways we are attempting to simply keep out heads above water financially but every chance we get we're funding field trips. Field trips were the reason we even began the PTO.

Community Advice

kmartin writes:
I would be interested in learning more about the grant money for field trips. In ref. to funding field trips, we are a small private school & we offset costs by charging a per student fee. Parents seem more than willing to pay for field trip expenses. In fact, that's probably the one expense I've never heard a complaint about interestingly enough. We do keep this fee nominal & it's usually no more than $7 per student. This helps offset the costs of the field trips & bus expenses in a fairly significant way.

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