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Hi Friends, I am in charge of my schools Fall fest in 2013. I know everyone is busy with end of year stuff right now. But, I was looking for information about wrist bands. How much to charge for them, did they bring in enough funds or are tickets the better route? I didn't like our ticket sales last year. Food and games cost tickets, but we had some activities that cost money. I didn't bring any money with us because I was told everything was purchased with tickets. I also had about 18 tickets leftover :( So I wanted to make it easier for everyone and offer wrist bands for purchase with a ticket for a free food item at the concession. thoughts, suggestions comments are appreciated ;) TIA!!!

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Rose H writes:
Hi Mrs. Erinmdavis,
Impressed that you're working on the fall festival now! Makes so much sense! Want to refer you to a recent discussion we had on Facebook on this very topic. You'll see that many folks like using wristbands, while others still like to use tickets.

I think you'll find the thread really helpful. Here's the link. 

Good luck!

Rose C

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kdwalters writes:
I am also in charge of organizing our fall festival for 2013 and did so for 2012. What we did was have the activities each cost one ticket for each time the student plays and each ticket cost $1. We also had a couple of inflatables. Our school is Pre-K through 12 so we had one for smaller students and one for the high school students. The inflatables were armband only and we sold the armbands for $10 each. Our concession stand is cash only and is usually soups and chili and hot dogs for the smaller ones with desserts and drinks, of course. We plan to do the same with tickets and armbands but we are looking at offering spaghetti plates, chili and baked potatoes this year. We hold a raffle usually for a rifle or shotgun (we are in a rural area where most people are hunters) and an auction in conjunction with our fall fest. Overall with all of this we made right at $23,000 in 2012. That may not sound like much but for a small private school with only about 175 students in Pre-K through 12 that is pretty good. We are hoping to make more this year. :-)

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