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Did anyone ever hold a book swap activity for their school? If so, how did you get started and what information or advice are you willing to share. Book swap is when students bring in books from home that they are finished with and the PTA tallies the # per student and organizes the books them the following weeks brings the students back to pick new books. Looking forward to hearing others thoughts.

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lissap2004 writes:
We are doing this year at our "No Tv Week." This will be the first year we have done something like this but we've discussed about making it a "reading/book swap" night. We are going to ask special people to come in ex: police officer, firefighter, etc. to come in a read a book to the groups. Also when the families come in they will give us their books and we will give them tickets for as many books as they brought it. Then towards the end of the event they can pick out some books. We are going to have an adult section for parents and children's for students. We are excited to try this out this year and see the results.

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