Question: How do we become incorporated?

I just recently took over the position of treasurer. As far as we know our PTO was never assigned an EIN or 501(c)(3). I have applied for an EIN, but what catagory would we fall under when becoming incorporated? Any help would be appreciated!

Asked by MrsWilson359



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You would file to become incorporated as a nonprofit charity. Once you have become incorporated, file IRS form 1023 to become a 501c3 tax-exempt charity. The tax-exemption will be retroactive to your incorporation date. When you get to that point, I highly recommend our PTO Startup Toolkit. It has good information about the entire process of getting your group set from a legal perspective, and it's particularly useful for filing the 1023. We walk you through the form question by question, based on extensive interviews with the IRS on what they look for from PTOs. Ok, end of advertisement. : ) It's great that you're starting your group on this process. Good luck!

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