Question: Leaving PTA for a PTO

I was told by a PTA advocate that if we leave PTA, we must send them all the money in our accounts, as the money belongs to PTA, not our school. Is this correct?

Asked by schweinfurt



Community Advice

wpto29 writes:
That is correct. I just went through the process. BUT, if you give the money to your school before you vote on disolution, you are ok. Either that, or get your funds down close to zero.

Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Actually no, that is not correct. It is a very common statement from state PTA folks, but -- way more often than not -- it is not true. The bank account is in the name of your local organization and the Tax ID # is your local's, as well. No one can just "take" those funds, and they were raised for very specific goals at your school. Upon disbanding, you have responsibilities (basically IRS rules) for winding down the organization, but those responsibilities do *not* include handing your funds to the state PTA. As wpto states, it *is* simpler (nothing to debate about) if you wind down your funds before taking the disband vote, but if you miss that step, you still don't have to hand the funds over to state PTA. Tim

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