Question: PTO Chair

The current PTO Chair is also a paid employee of a company running activities at the school. She uses every communication with the parents to promote the activities. However, we don't hear of other activities in these communications. It seems unethical. There are also side meetings called that are not open to the other parents, teachers, or even all the board. We have no idea what is being decided then.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
This does sound like a strong conflict of interest. Has anyone talked to her about it? If not, I'd suggest having the other board members speak to her as a group about their concerns that her actions are hurting the PTO. If necessary, you might enlist the principal to bolster your position. You should set some clear guidelines about what she can and can't do. Right now she may be operating on the "if nobody complains it's OK" philosophy.

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