Question: Computers for School

Our principal is asking the PTO to purchase 16 computers for the school at a total cost of almost $16,000. I can get the same computers using the state contract for $9,800. The principal is insisting that we use the vendor because of support. It is the same support that will come with the computers that I would purchase. What do I do?

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Community Advice

rm9116 writes:
Ask the principal to get a quote on the computers and details of the support offered. Then provide the same information yourself, and discuss the costs during your next board meeting. You have a responsibility to be a good steward of the money raised, so go with the lower bid, as long as the model number is the same and so is the support.

Community Advice

CMay2CK writes:
We have a similar issue. However, if we want the systems to be linked to the school servers, then we must purchase through the approved district vendors. I am guessing this is your situation as well, and that is what your principal means by support. Yes, you can purchase systems and receive warranty/support cheaper, but unfortunately it is not the same level of support needed by the school. I would ask your principal to clarify.

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