Question: Treasurer wont give us statements

The treasurer is the only person from the prior few years on the board this year and at the end of last year she told the principal and I that there was about $1000 in the account. Then at the begining of this year she says we have ZERO. The principal and I have asked for the bank statements or to have a current board members name added to the account so we can see where they spent the money. She either ignores our phone calls, texts and emails or something comes up and she's too busy. Should we just vote her out and go to an old old member that is still on the account (and a good friend of hers)?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
That's a major alarm bell. Yes, you should remove her from office and get her name off the account. You should also go directly to the bank and discuss with them your concern about misappropriation of funds and the need to review the statements. If nothing else, the former member whose name is still on the account should be able to get the president added. You should always have someone other than the treasurer review the bank statements. When you do get a new treasurer, set up a system where you can review the statements online or they are mailed to someone other than the treasurer to review first. Good luck!

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