Question: Why Cash Box Accountability?

How do you convince members that it's important to have accountability for cash boxes? Want to use Cashier Report for each cash box, but Committee Chair says, we've always done the honor system and if we do this, no body will volunteer! :(

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gjcoram writes:
How difficult are the procedures you want to put in place? Can you reframe the question from "do we do this or not?" to "we need to do this; let's figure out the easiest way so we don't overburden our volunteers" ? For example, at our Halloween fair, I have the ticket coordinator write down the starting and ending number of each roll of tickets we sell; then we have a general idea of how many were sold, without having to count individual tickets. Generally, your volunteers are honest and want to help the school, but I think it's a good idea to let everyone know that you have some controls in place, so that the dishonest people won't think it's easy pickins.

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