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We have a secretary who has been secretary last year and two years ago before that. Last year she was Vice President and she was also Vice President the year before so is there any harm in her being secretary this year if we have no other candidates. I also have been Vice President for a year and half and President for a year and half because I had to change positions because our President resigned and I actually had to resign for health reasons. Myself and another lady are going for Vice and President . We don't care who gets who just that we get one because we want pto to stay. If we didn't step up pto would be taken away. So is there any real issues with me being President or vice?

Asked by JennaD1987



Advice from PTO Today

lharac writes:
Hi, JennaD1987 -- hats off to you and the other ladies you are working with to keep the PTO going! The only real answer that matters in this case is, what do your bylaws say? If there are term limits outlined, then that's going to affect whether you and the secretary can continue serving on the board.

Assuming there are no issues with the term limits -- if there's no one else who has expressed interest in filling one of those roles, then there's no reason for you not to serve as president or vice president, or for the secretary to accept that role again. If there *are* other people who have expressed interest, however, then the best way forward would be to have an official open election.

Good luck! Lani @ PTO Today

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