Question: Failure to do duties

If the President and Vice President both refuse to sign a check needed for an event causing the person to give a personal check, shouldn’t they step down for failure to perform their duties as officers of the PTA? The person was willing to go their homes to have this check signed. Both texted they won’t be available, then texted their schedule of when they were available, all times when this person was at their full time job making it difficult...causing them to write a personal check for the event

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Would love to help. Wondering why this check needed to be signed by the president? Whose check was it? We'd have to say with the limited info we have that calling for the president and VP to step down isn't necessarily appropriate--there could be misunderstandings here that we aren't aware of.
It sounds like the issue does need to be addressed and the parties involved need to have a conversation. It really seems like there's poor communication all around.
Good luck. Liz from PTO Today

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