Question: Spirit Days

I am looking for some Spirit Day Ideas. We have done PJ, Hat, crazy sock, and Jersey days in the past. Anyone have any ideas?

Asked by angie_w



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Countrygirl writes:
backward day, one color for each day

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We have a couple of fun ideas in this article on school spirit on School Spirit, including setting up a challenge that the students have to meet (like reading a certain amount each day) and if they all meet the challenge, the principal must perform a silly act, like kiss a pig! One thing to consider is to ask the students. Don't make any promises! But poll them on what they think would make fun Spirit Day activities.

Community Advice

wmjake writes:
dress as your favorite book character, Disney t-shirt day, twin/triplet day, luau day, disco day

Community Advice

hbingham writes:
crazy hair day is the favorite at our school

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