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Our PTA, like others, does fundraising to pay for expenses for our school. We do not give the money to the school to pay for its expenses. Instead, we pay for these expenses ourselves. Expenses range from supplies for the art room and science program, to salaries for teaching assistants and other academic support. We also obviously PTA for expenses related to our own events, such as fundraisers and social events. Recently the employer of one of our parents offered to match the parent's contribution to the PTA. To complete the match they need a letter stating that the PTA is "fiscal agent" for the school. From my limited understanding of the term, and the way we operate, I don't believe our PTA is truly a fiscal agent for the school. Could you please explain what, exactly, the term "Fiscal Agent" means in this context, and whether we can accurately say that we are one, given that we do not "donate" the funds to the school, but instead pay for expenses ourselves?

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Craig writes:
This isn't something I've come across before, and I'm not sure what the implications are of being a "fiscal agent." It might be fine in terms of this transaction, but I'd recommend talking with the school district attorney or accountant to be sure.

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