Question: can teachers demand a co-president to be taken off pto board?

can teachers who have no interest in helping or being part demand a president and other board members to resign.there was a situation with ours.she got upset over being rearended by another parent picking up was a heated moment some words were exchanged.we addressed as a team.but teachers demanded she resign from pto.that she not be allowed to attend school functions or volunteer at our school.even though except this one incident she is awonderful part of our pto team.

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Community Advice

rm9116 writes:
This is not the answer you want to hear. If multiple teachers don't even want the parent to attend school functions, then they perceive that she is a threat to the safety of the children or staff. While you know of this one incident, the school personnel may have additional reasons for concern that they are not allowed to share with you. If you think the teachers are reacting in a petty fashion, talk to the principal. If, besides their non-involvement with PTO, you have found them to care about the children, then I'd stop fighting the request. There are consequences for bad behavior - as a parent, I know you've told your child or children that before! This parent gets to learn that those consequences also happen for adults.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Wow. This is a complex situation. It seems like the best first step is to have a sit down with the principal and the PTO board. Rather than get into the details of the incident, discuss with the principal how the parent group and the school can come to a mutually beneficial situation and move forward. In other words, you need to weigh the continuing contribution of this co-president against the impact of the incident. Find out if this incident has created such bad feelings that it will negatively impact your PTO's ability to get its work done with the administration and teachers. If it has, you may have to consider a different role for this volunteer. Good luck -- this is a very challenging task.

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