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I have been made the chairman for box-tops at school.I would like some tips on how to do my job more effectively?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi elliott!

Congrats for taking on Box Tops! It's great you're supporting your school!

So, we happen to have a lot of Box Tops related info. If you head over to the File Exchange on our site, you'll find a section devoted to Box Tops. Not only does it have collection sheets that you can download for free and give to parents, but it has all sorts of forms and letter templates that you can use when reaching out to parents or other supporters.

Here's the link to the Box Tops section on the File Exchange

I'd also recommend that you check out some of the threads on our Message Boards. Many parent group leaders over the years have shared their Box Tops tips and it is also a great place to ask questions.

Here's an example of a message board thread on Box Tops 

Finally, here's a great article about Box Top success stories (for a little inspiration!)

Box Tops Champs Share Collection Tricks

Good luck!

Community Advice

Capt Wade writes:
Hi elliot,
Whast we did at our school was we bought a trophy so the classes could compete with each other. We count the box tops on the first of every month to see who gets the trophy for the month.

We also have a party toward the end of the school year that we call Box Top Celebration. We do this if the kids beat the goal that we have set for the school year. The box top people have 2 dates to send your box tops in (Nov ! & March 1). You can send them in anytime after these dates but the check will not be sent out until after the deadlines (usually 4-6 weeks).

I was also a coordinater at our school & hear are a few tips.
1. Do not send in expired ones.
2. Use only the 10 or 25 sheets.
3. If the come in individual bags, group them into bags of 50 ( I would use the ziplock snack bags or sandwich ones. You can roll them up tight to fit into your USPS box).
Good luck!

Community Advice

Cherokee writes:
I hold a contest everymonth. The classroom that brings in the most points for the month in a game for their room. I kep track of all the points per classroom and the ones who turn in the most for the school year get an ice cream sundae party in June. You can volunteers to help cut and bag them. We raised a lot of money this way and every year we raise our goal.

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